High Quality Mono and Stereo... Voice Recordings Online

As technology moves forward, so must we. At 3A Sound we are always searching for the latest cutting edge tools to enhance and facilitate our audio production.

With Source Connect we can monitor a session with one of our partner studios who's thousands of miles away or record a voice talent who's thousands of miles away

into our home studio pro tools systems in Toronto, Canada. In both scenarios the audio is high quality, crystal clear and it sounds like we are all in the same room.

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Connect right now to 3A SOUND with SOURCE CONNECT NOW.
RECORD or MONITOR a session live from this webpage.    

How does Source Connect Now work? Very simple...

Make sure your page is loaded in Google Chrome.

1. Enter your NAME.

2. Enter the PASSKEY sent to you by us prior to the session.

3. Choose your SEND QUALITY (optional).

4. Click CONNECT.


NOTE: You may have to allow this page to access your microphone or input device the first time you connect.
A message on the far right of the address bar will appear.Source Elements

Once Connected:

Verify that your input device is correct. If not, choose the correct device and click on "Refresh with new setting".
Your playback/speakers device will be your computer's "default" device.

- Use the "CONTROLS" tab to adjust your "GAIN" and your "MONITOR" setting.

- Use the "SELF RECORD" to record yourself, then listen back and download the file on your computer in .wav format if you like.

- Use the "TALKBACK" feature during the session if you like. Hitting the "shift" key on your keyboard will Open and Close the talkback mic.

★ Connect with us from the Source Connect Now Website:

- To connect with 3A Sound via the SOURCE CONNECT NOW website click on the link below and enter account "3a_sound_online"
without the "" in the Account to Connect With.


Source Elements

Source Elements Source Elements

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